The Society

The learning children who put their focus on acquiring more knowledge and skills concerning the abilities embedded within them. In Vision Academy, we begin giving focus to these learning children in their early childhood years.


The Learning Society Projects  by Vision Academy

YEAR 2016

Celebrating UNESCO International Arts Education Week 2016  Penang, Malaysia

Theme for 2016:  Life Long Learning and Arts Education

Project rationale and aims


The Arts withholds the potential to being fundamentally instrumental, in both formal and non-formal ways, as vehicles of knowledge and the methods of learning different disciplines.

The UNESCO Arts Education programme takes on the particular significance on apprenticeship of the arts and creativity in education systems, formal and non-formal, and encourages an inter-disciplinary approach of arts, creativity, and culture to be mainstreamed into various learning environments.


  • to promote lifelong learning concept through the arts/culture” education;
  • to experience how we can utilize artistic expressions and cultural resources and practices, contemporary and traditional, as a learning tool in Arts Education.:
  • to advocate the importance and essential role of arts education.

Public and community supported events in Penang at:

The Star @ Pitt Street, 15 Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

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