Welcome to Vision Academy

Dedicate to Lifelong Learning

Everybody requires opportunities for lifelong learning at every level of their lives in order to obtain the right skills and knowledge they should have for them to achieve their dreams and give back to their families and societies at large.

That is the sole reason why Vision Academy is providing training programmes developed by a group of experienced teachers, lecturers and professional to support parents, early childhood teaching professionals, and para-professional to upgrade and improve the quality of their services.

On the other hand, lifelong learning in Vision Academy also holds within a bigger group of skills. This is because the Academy keeps in mind the invention of recent skills considered to be very important for people (such as parenting, entrepreneurship, learning to learn, balancing work life and many more skills that are of major importance to peoples’ lives in society).

As an institution, Vision Academy programme gives focus to 4 major groups of learning. They include the following:

The learning society which aims at studying the history and culture of our country thus improving their understanding of the society as well as that of the country. The learning families which undergo learning with the aim of acquiring more knowledge on how to relate and communicate as families thus resulting to cohesion within families that builds a stronger society.
The learning professionals who put more focus in acquiring extra knowledge in order to improve the main skills that they need for them to be competent in performing their different duties in the society. The learning children who put their focus on acquiring more knowledge and skills concerning the abilities embedded within them. In Vision Academy, we begin giving focus to these learning children in their early childhood years.